Monday, 29 November 2021

VW Golf TDI Diesel Fuel Leaking from Engine Bay

When I had my MOT recently the tester pointed out that there was diesel sitting on the edge on top of the fuel filter and asked if I'd changed it recently (I had). On further inspection and after cleaning the diesel off it reappeared a few days later so there was clearly a leak from somewhere.

VW Golf TDI Diesel Leaking
VW Golf TDI Diesel Leaking

There are 2 main places that diesel can leak from around the fuel filter, one is the valve on the top, the other is the drain tap at the bottom. If you find diesel leaking out of your car onto the drive it's more likely to be the drain tap but this was from the top so appeared to be the valve.

A brand new valve was only £8 on eBay so I bought one to fit which was a really easy job. There wasn't any obvious crack in the old valve but there was diesel around it so it appeared to be the culprit.

This video shows the steps to replace the diesel fuel filter valve.

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