Thursday, 22 September 2016

Best MPG VW Golf TDI - Gas Mileage Fuel Economy for PD130 Diesel

VW's might currently be known for their emissions cheating rather than fuel economy but back in 2001 when the PD 130 version of the VW Golf was launched the fuel economy MPG was a great selling point.

I'd previously blogged about the excellent fuel economy from the MK4 TDI Golf range, in particular the PD130 which to me is the pick of the range. Judging by the used sale prices others agree as it really holds value very well.

On a long motorway journey back from the Isle of Wight I managed the incredible consumption of 67.6MPG over a 120 mile trip. The average for the whole tank brim to brim was 58mpg so it shows how cheap the car is to run for long journeys - I guess the reason why so many PD TDI cars have such high mileage on them.

Friday, 16 September 2016

VW Golf MK4 Stiff Gear Change

If you are finding the gear change on your MK4 VW Golf is stiff, particularly selecting reverse and first gears then this video might help. It's a common problem and easily fixed by lubricating the gear selection mechanism under the bonnet.