Monday, 11 November 2019

What Power Engine is Fitted in my TDI VW? How to check build sticker

What engine is fitted in my TDI?

It's impossible to know definitely which TDI engine is fitted in your VW because Volkswagen use many variants of the same engine but with just a different map to give different power output. The badge on the car may not give info as TDI could be badged GTI in some markets depending what the dealer fitted.

The 1.9 TDI diesel for example can range from 75 to 150bhp and as a PD (Pump Duse) or standard injector engine. The only way to know for sure is to check the service book or the build sticker in the rear boot. The video below shows you how to check which diesel engine is fitted in your VW.

Download Copy of Blank VW Service Book Pages

As my cars have either high mileage or are relatively old the service books are normally full so I've needed additional pages for them. I'd seen some scans of blank service book pages online but they were quite fuzzy so I decided to recreate the service book page so I could print them whenever I needed to add new pages to the service books on my VW cars.

Blank VW Service Book Pages
Scan of Blank VW Service Book Pages
If you want to download a copy of blank VW service book pages then the link below will provide a PDF with 2 back to back pages that cover 4 services to add to your Volkswagen service schedule book.

Monday, 21 October 2019

VW Golf - How to Empty Fuel Tank? Guide for Removing Fuel from Car

I recently scrapped a VW Golf Mk4 GTI Turbo that had over half a tank of petrol when it broke down so wanted to be able to remove it before taking to the scrap yard.

VW Golf How Empty Fuel Tank
VW Golf How Empty Fuel Tank

The fuel tank has an anti siphon device so putting a tube into the filler neck is no longer a viable option. The quickest route is to remove the fuel pump and to remove the fuel directly from the fuel tank. This video shows how but essentially the fuel pump is under the rear seat.
  • Disconnect battery. 
  • Remove the seat
  • Lift carpet
  • Remove metal plate. 
  • Unscrew the large fuel pump securing nut
  • Remove pipes and electrical connector
  • Lift pump out.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

VW Connect Data Plug FAQ - Questions & Answer Tutorial

Having fitted the VW Connect to my 2008 Passat there are a few things I've found that don't seem to be very clearly explained in the Volkswagen documentation or website for the Connect data plug

Does the VW Connect plug store journey data?

No, the VW Connect does not store any data. It only communicates with a mobile phone when the car is running and without a phone connected then no data will be stored. If you forget to have your phone in the car or the car is used by someone else then the journey will not be recorded.
Does the VW Connect plug store journey data?

Does the VW Connect plug store journey data?

Do I need my phone in the car to use the VW Connect?

Yes.  If you forget to have your phone in the car or the car is used by someone else then the journey will not be recorded. Next time you have your phone in the car then that journey will be recorded with the mileage starting from the current value.

Can I connect 2 phones to the VW Connect?

Yes you can install VW Connect on multiple phones but only one can be in use at a time. So if two or more people use the same car then each could install VW Connect on their phone to record their own journeys. If two phones are in the car at the same time then it will be a lucky dip which one connects to the VW Connect for that journey. To force a certain phone to connect then you'd need to switch off bluetooth on the other phone.

How does the VW Connect access my mobile phone?

The VW Connect uses bluetooth technology to access your phone so you need to ensure that Bluetooth is switched on to be able to use it.

Can I remove the VW Connect Plug?

Yes. The VW Connect can safely be removed and refitted to your car at any point. You can even use it in a different car as long as it's supported by the application. In general this means that any car from 2008 onwards can be used with the VW Connect data plug.

How do I setup the VW Connect data plug?

Monday, 9 September 2019

VW Golf/Bora Rear Seat Base removal

Some time ago I shot a quick video showing how to remove the rear seat bases from the VW Golf Mk4. From the feedback the video wasn't as clear as it should have been so I've now done another version from a better angle.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

VW Radio RCD300 VCDS Coding / VAGCOM Setup

I have used this sequence to enable AUX input on my 2008 VW Passat RCD 300 radio but any updates are done at your own risk. I accept no liability if your system behaves in a different way! Always remember to record the values that are shown in VCDS before making any changes!

I believe this only works with the RCD300 Plus model identified by the MP3 logo on the front above CD player

How to Setup AUX input on VW Passat RCD 300 radio
How to Setup AUX input on VW Passat RCD 300 radio

To enable AUX input on 2007+ unit do the following using VCDS/VagCOM.

Open VCDS, Go to 56 - RADIO, then choose Coding and change last digit to 1. Once done then press the "Do It" button. 

Close VCDS and you should find that when you press the CD button that AUX appears on the radio screen.

VW Radio RCD300 vs 300+ Plus Differences - Setup Aux Input

I've got a new VW Passat (well new to me, it's a 2008 model) and I'm looking to add AUX capability to the radio. I have a JVC double DIN radio from my old Passat that I could move over but I'm investigating other options too.
VW RCD300 radio aux setup
VW RCD300 radio in 2007 Passat

The radio fitted to the 2008 Passat looks to be slightly different to the 2007 Passat I had before. The previous one was a RCD300 but this looks to be a RCD 300+/300 Plus radio. The key difference from what I can see is that it has the word MP3 on the front and on the model description to the rear.
Difference between RCD300 and RCD300 Plus/300+ radios
Difference between RCD300 and RCD300 Plus/300+ radios

This designation also appears to mean that you can connect a simple plug to the rear connector of the 300+ to enable Aux input. The RCD300 requires more hardware to do this.

So if your VW radio has the MP3 designation then it is the Plus model and will be easier to enable Aux input.