Sunday, 27 November 2016

VW Golf - How To Fit Replacement Wiper Blades

I needed to replace the wiper blades on my 2001 VW Golf today. This video shows how I did it. One of the easiest jobs to do on a car so definitely no need to pay Halfords to fit them for you!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Buying Guide Golf MK4 Review - Common Faults to Check

What to look for & Common Problems with MK4 VW Golf?

Even the newest VW Golf MK4 is now at least 10 years as production ceased in 2004 although Boras were made for a few years after that.
Golf MK4 Review - Common Faults to Check
Golf MK4 Review - Common Faults to Check
The MK4 Golf is a generally reliable car and most areas to look at are common for any used car you are buying such as checking service records and maintenance history. However there are a few common trouble spots that are worth checking out.

Buying Guide Golf MK4 Review
Buying Guide Golf MK4 Review

Early on in their life it was common for the rear wiper pipe to come loose and end up leaking. This causes the boot lock to become corroded as well as the handle. Generally the wiper pipe has been fixed by now but the corrosion remains unless dealt with.

Rust on VW Golf front wings is another common fault but one that is easy to fix either with replacement wings or treating the rust. This seems to be due to the way the foam is fitted under the wheel arch liner which traps water and causes rust to start.

Rust on VW Golf front wings
Rust on VW Golf front wings

As with any diesel car after a long time the DMF (dual mass flywheel) can wear and cause vibration. When this needs to be replaced it's generally worth doing the clutch at the same time as the main cost is the labour to remove parts to access them.

Electric windows were prone to break as plastic clips were originally used. Later parts were metal so if these were repaired earlier in the car's life then they should be good for a few more years.

Service history is vitally important for the PD diesel cars. These are some of the best MK4 Golfs available as they combine excellent fuel economy with rapid and effortless performance especially on the motorway. However they need specific oil due to the high pressure fuel system and this needs to be changed regularly so I'd avoid any car that has no detailed service history unless it is a very low price.

The engine wiring loom is a routine service part for the PD engines and as it is covered in hot oil it can degrade the casing causing misfires. It's not an expensive job to change and one that is worth doing if you spot any issues.

VW Golf MK4 Interior
VW Golf MK4 Interior

As with any older car I'd recommend buying on condition not mileage. My previous MK4 Golf GT TDI PD150 was sold with 250,000 miles on the clock. 2 years later it has now passed 270k and had a new MOT with no advisories.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Golf Tailgate Boot Light

I've replaced the lock mechanism, refitted the tailgate wash wipe and the next job is to replace the wiring loom plug that attaches to the lock to let the management system know when the boot is open.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

VW Golf MK4 Rusting Boot Handle - Replacing and Repainting Tailgate Handle

One of the common issues with the VW Golf MK4 is that the rear wash wipe jet can become detached inside the boot and spray water into the lock mechanism. This can stop the electrics working as well as making the handle start to rust.

If you spot rust forming on the handle it's a good idea to replace it asap as otherwise the rust will spread to the tailgate itself and start to rust through the metal. At least replacing the handle means that the damage can be contained.

The tailgate handle prior to replacement:
VW Golf rusting tailgate handle
The tailgate handle is very easily and cheaply available to buy as a replacement - the part was shared with the VW Sharan and Ford Galaxy so is plentiful on Ebay and the like. The cost for a new one was around £15 so I didnt think it worth buying from a scrapyard.

The new ones tend to come in primer so they do need to be sprayed to match your car. I've not done any spraying for many years but with a rattle can was quite impressed with the results I got on the handle. Once painted it needed a coat or two of lacquer to give the shine and with that it was ready to fit to the car.

There are videos and tutorials online about removing the tailgate handle but it can be tricky if the lock barrel has corroded into the handle aperture. Fortunately a sharp knock with a 12mm socket and hammer removed the barrel once the retaining clip had been released.

VW Golf MK4 tailgate handle replacement painting

Once fitted I was very pleased with the finish and thought it was a good colour match with the rest of the car