Wednesday, 31 May 2017

VW Golf MK4 Buyers Video Guide

I've owned 6 different VW Golfs MK4s over the last 17 years and this review is a summary of how I find them and which model of Golf is the best to choose from

Friday, 19 May 2017

JR Tuning Kent Review - Diesel Remapping

The EGR on my VW Passat TDI recently started to give warning lights on the dashboard. On investigation the EGR valve was faulty and needed replacement - or so I thought! It appears that it's also possible to map out the EGR valve so that it doesn't give an error and the car no longer expects it to be present.

When I called JR Tuning based near Headcorn I had a really helpful conversation about how the EGR could be remapped out and that the error would no longer occur. The best part was that the cost of remapping to remove the EGR from software was £120 compared to over £300 to replace it with a new part.

When I arrived at the garage where JR Tuning are based my car was hooked up to the diagnostics machine and the ECU contents downloaded to their computer. They were then able to make the adjustments and remove the EGR - or set the value for it to 0 so it was effectively no longer used.

After 3 months the car is running very smoothly and the EGR light has not appeared since. I've also now decided to return to JR and get the car remapped fully as when discussing the existing map on the car it doesn't seem to be fully optimised to get the best performance and fuel economy from the car.

JR Tuning Kent Review - Diesel Remapping
JR Tuning Kent Review - Diesel Remapping