Friday, 24 July 2020

Ravenor Cars Greenford London Misleading Car Dealer

My son recently bought a car from Ravenor Cars based in Greenford, London. The alarm bells should have been ringing when he first arrived and there was no obvious premises for the dealer. After a phone call a metal gate opened with a selection of cars tightly parked behind it.

After some juggling around of the cars the one he was interested in was moved out so it could be viewed. It was in a much worse condition than appeared in the advert online. Admittedly sometimes it's not always possible to see every dent or mark from photos and it's in a dealers interest to make the car look as good as they can but some were quite significant dents or parking damage.

The car was taken for a test drive and all seemed to be ok mechanically. A price was agreed based on the fact the car was in cosmetically worse condition than was expected. The dealer tried to say that it was due to the age of the car but the car we arrived in was 4 years older without any of the dents or damage!

Payment was made online although payment was made to Mr MA Khan rather than Ravenor Cars.

Problems with the car have included failed lambda sensors, failed clutch, timing chain stretch, cam adjuster fault and serious leak from Haldex transfer box. Mr Khan had no interest in dealing with any of these issues and has tried claiming that he has zero responsibility. There is the option to take legal action through the small claims court but it is probably more effective to make readers aware of the problems they are likely to face buying a car from Ravenor Cars in London.

Ravenor Cars Greenford London Beware This Car Dealer
Ravenor Cars Greenford London Beware This Car Dealer

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