Tuesday, 18 February 2014

VW Golf mk4 Boot tailgate Wont lock with Central Locking - Boot Opens Ok

Another issue with my VW Golf Mk4 is that the tailgate/Boot won't lock from the central locking but the lock is also seized up so won't turn to lock that way.

Using the excellent guide from BMACSVAGS on YouTube I removed the tailgate cover to gain access to the locking mechanism. It appears from first inspection that the locking mechanism is still working intermittently and will open the car - just not lock it again.

If I manually move the lever to lock the boot, the next time I open the car with the central locking it will open the boot as well as the doors. Next step is to check the wiring and a liberal dose of WD40 to lubricate any joints and remove any moisture that may have seeped in from the rear wash/wiper.

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