Tuesday, 2 December 2014

VW Golf Sunroof Leaking - Rear Drain Hole Locations - How to clear blocked sunroof drain valves

Water has been leaking into my VW Golf MK4 and it appears to be coming from the sunroof where the drain holes are blocked so the water backs up and runs into the headlining.

Where are the Sunroof Drain Hole Locations in a VW Golf?

The front drain nipple locations are easy to find as they are visible when the driver and passenger doors are open just below the hinge. They are the black pipes with flat ends and if you squeeze them then crud and water should come out.

The rear sunroof drain pipes run through the headlining of the car to drain holes behind the rear bumper. It is just about possible to access them from underneath the car but I found it far easier to remove the bumper to access the rear sunroof drain locations. In order to access the bolts to remove the bumper you also need to remove the rear lights but those can be done by removing 3 nuts each side and the bumper can then be removed with 4 bolts and 3 screws in the wheel arch each side.

VW Golf Sunroof Leaking - Drain Hole Locations
VW Golf Sunroof Leaking - Rear Drain Hole Locations

VW Golf MK4 rear bumper removal
VW Golf MK4 rear bumper removal

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