Tuesday, 28 November 2017

VW Golf 1.6 16V Owners Review

I'll update this over time as I learn more about the car but so far I've been very impressed with the VW Golf MK4 with 1.6 16V engine. It obviously isn't as economical as the PD130 engine or as quick as the V5 or 1.8T GTI models but for a family hatchback it's proving to be a great car.

One of the first jobs will be to clean/replace the door trim handles as they're looking very scratched and tatty. As per previous posts this is an easy fix to improve the look of the car internally.

VW Golf 1.6 16V Owners Review
VW Golf 1.6 16V Owners Review
 Being a MK4 the 1.6 16V has the familiar dashboard layout and the excellent red on blue lighting setup which I find to be one of the best on any car.

I'm waiting to fill the car up again to find out fuel consumption but it's looking very good at the moment and although not close to the massive MPG you can get from the PD engines it does seem to be a fairly economical car as after 150 miles and around 1/4 tank of fuel used.

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