Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Low Mileage GTTDI PD130 VW Golf

Unexpectedly I am now back as a MK4 Golf TDI owner with my eighth MK4 VW Golf! After running a 1.6 16V MK4 Golf for the last 5 months I became aware of a very low mileage mint 2002 model Golf GT TDI that was being sold locally after being taken as part exchange by a dealer.

I hadn't originally planned to change the 1600 Golf yet and had MOT for it booked for 7 days time but the option of the mint TDI was too hard to resist!

It's a reflex silver 2002 model with full service history, only 2 owners from new with under 80,000 miles. It seems odd to see a missing digit on the dashboard as all my cars normally have over 100,000 miles on them.
Low Mileage GTTDI PD130 VW Golf
Low Mileage GTTDI PD130 VW Golf 

Although low mileage the car is now overdue a service so the first job will be an oil change followed by all filters so that the engine is working to optimum conditions. The oil for PD engines is critical to get correct for longevity so make sure you check the spec of any oil meets VW 505.01, 504 or 507 depending on the engine. The PD130 can use any of these specs.

After driving the petrol 1.6 16V for the last 5 months it's quite noticeable how much more noisy and vibration the diesel has in comparison but on the motorway the 6 speed gearbox makes the car sit much more effortlessly at the speed limit.

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