Monday, 21 October 2019

VW Golf - How to Empty Fuel Tank? Guide for Removing Fuel from Car

I recently scrapped a VW Golf Mk4 GTI Turbo that had over half a tank of petrol when it broke down so wanted to be able to remove it before taking to the scrap yard.

VW Golf How Empty Fuel Tank
VW Golf How Empty Fuel Tank

The fuel tank has an anti siphon device so putting a tube into the filler neck is no longer a viable option. The quickest route is to remove the fuel pump and to remove the fuel directly from the fuel tank. This video shows how but essentially the fuel pump is under the rear seat.
  • Disconnect battery. 
  • Remove the seat
  • Lift carpet
  • Remove metal plate. 
  • Unscrew the large fuel pump securing nut
  • Remove pipes and electrical connector
  • Lift pump out.

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